A lot of people claim Apple’s M1X will be significantly restrained in terms of number of cores and memory. Here is the case against that view.

We have started seeing more rumors about Apple’s M1X chip and specs. We got this story: The M1X Will Be Incredible.

The claim in this story is the following:

The M1X is rumored to have 12 cores in total, with 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.

Every time these rumors and speculations pop up, naysayers are eager to pour cold water on the whole idea. The M1 is already too large, they say. They cannot expand it with that many cores. And even if they could, that means they cannot expand the memory and performance will suffer anyway.


You are just proving my point. AMD did the equivalent of GM creating the Chevy Bolt. It was a half hearted attempt because if they made a kick-ass ARM chip they would have undermined the very platform that gives them most profit today.

When the only thing you make is ARM, you don't have that problem. Same as Tesla does not have to worry about outcompeting their own gasoline cars, because they don't make any. There are no sales to canabailize.

Neither AMD nor Intel can make an ARM transition until they x86 sales start tanking, and that is still years off.

Why does Go not need a fancy expensive garbage collector like Java and C#?

Modern languages such as Go, Julia and Rust don’t need complex garbage collectors like the ones use by Java C#. But why?

To explain why, we need to get into how garbage collectors work and how different languages allocate memory in different ways. However, we will start by looking at why Java in particular needs such a complex garbage collector.

I will cover a lot of different garbage collector topics here:

  • Why Java is so dependent on a fast GC. …

Reflections on writing about technology and politics while having a point of view.

Why can news not just be news? Why does it have to have opinions? Why is your writing not objective? Why is it not balanced? Why do you take sides?

I read a lot of comments like this, In response to the writing of others as well as to my own writing.

The follow up tends to be predictable. People complain because the author has a different opinions from themselves.

9 out of 10 times when somebody writes that I am not being objective, what they really mean to say is: You don’t hold the same opinions and preferences as…

We keep waiting for a Apple to produce the next revolutionary product that will push them to the top, but maybe we have the strategy all wrong?

Apple fans keep speculating on the next-big-thing from Apple. Something akin to the first Mac, the first iPod, the first iPhone, a revolutionary product that changes the industry and propels Apple forward. After all, this is how Apple has always played the game. This is how we are used to seeing Apple succeeding.

I don’t think this is how the game will go down this time around. Instead something very different will happen. But to understand Apple of the future, we need to understand Apple of the past and why the past does not inform the future.

What Did Steve Jobs Do, Anyway?

Apple’s success has…

Alan Kay coined the term object-oriented programming, but it has since been widely misunderstood.

I tried to explain in more detail with numerous examples about what object-oriented programming was originally about in my story: Go is More Object-Oriented Than Java.

Yet judging by various comments I have gotten, many people really struggle to understand the full scope of the ideas Alan Kay had about object-oriented programming. Thus this is sort of a follow up article to clarify what I see as common misconception.

Let us start with a simplistic definition of object-oriented programming from Alan Kay. He imagined object-oriented programming as taking a networked computer and scaling it down. Each computer has internal state…

How does each language compare in terms of writing clean and easy to understand code.

It is a major endeavor to compare to languages, so I can really only dip my toes in the water. I have chosen to make a comparison based on the type of code I have most recently written. This happens to be encryption code. Modern encryption and decryption is not easy to wrap your head around, so any language which can make this easy to work with demonstrate something important about care taken in language and API design.

What I am giving you here is really the out-of-box experience, as I am neither an expert on Go nor C#. I…

A comparison of the benefits and disadvantages of living in a Scandinavian country compared to the United States of America.

City beach in Oslo, Norway, next to an art gallery with the medieval fortress Akershus festning in the background. I captures Scandinavian emphasis on culture, public spaces and recreation.

About 20 years ago, I moved from Norway to the US with great expectations planning to settle there. I spent a year in the US before deciding it was not for me. Based on that experience and living and traveling in other countries, here is my take on this question.

It depends on you and your values and preferences. A lot comes down to the specific town you settle in and your talents. Every country will offer quite different experiences depending on the particular region you settle in. Still, we can make some generalizations.

The US is a country of…

Is art just pretentious? Do we actually need it?

I have an odd relation to art. I grew up on an volcanic island in the Oslo fjord in Norway. The pearl of the Oslo fjord they called it. It has beautiful beaches and nature which is quite unlike other places in Norway because the lords of the old manors scattered around the island imported trees from all over Europe and planted them there. Thus the forrest is quite different from what you find in the rest of Norway.

Where I have walked countless Sunday walks, looking from the island of Jeløya out over the Oslo fjord seeing the Bastøya ferry connecting my home town of Moss to the town of Horten on the other side of the fjord.

My parents followed an old Norwegian tradition, of taking long walks on sunday. I think most Norwegian kids when exposed to…

How can somebody with socialist inclinations believe in Monarchy?

King Haakon the first monarch of a free and independent Norway. The king that defined what the Norwegian monarchy should be about.

One of the oldest demands from socialist movements has been the abolition of Monarchy. The idea of inherited position and power comes across as an anachronism in a world where we believe in meritocracy, democracy and freedom. There is nothing more quintessentially conservative than being a Monarchist. Those who follow me on Medium should know from my writing that I am most definitely not a conservative.

I have written about socialism in positive terms on many occasions: What is Modern Scandinavian Socialism in 2020?

Thus it may seem like a complete oxymoron that I am a champion of Monarchy. I…

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Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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