The clever design choices Tesla made to make the Cybertruck cheap to make.

At $39 000, the Tesla Cybertruck will be sold at the same price as Tesla Model 3, a considerably smaller car. It is also extremely competitive price wise against traditional internal combustion engine trucks, which is something I think surprised a lot of people.

But is it actually cheap?

Electric cars will usually be more expensive that internal combustion engine cars because batteries are really expensive to make. That is the bulk of the cost of EVs. However, in the long run an EV will often be cheaper because electricity is significantly cheaper than gasoline and EVs require much less maintenance.

Here is the crazy…

Hacking in Hollywood movies is not just completely unrealistic, but it isn’t very entertaining either. Just stupid.

A lot of stuff cannot be presented realistically in movies because that would kill the entertainment value. As a kid, I didn’t understand this when I asked my parents why Donald Duck never had to sit on the toilet. In a good story, you have to cut out the parts that don’t add to it. Thus calls for realism in movies often miss the mark. Realism has to be balanced against the story one is trying to tell and the need to entertain or intrigue the viewer or reader.

Yet the infuriating thing about hacking in Hollywood movies is that…

I always look forward to Apple presentations and the WWDC, yet every time the presentations rub me the wrong way. Why?

Did you watch Apple’s WWDC 2021 keynote? Did anything bother you? Me too. Sure there was a lot of cool new stuff. In particular I loved the Universal Control. I so often wished I could just move my mouse cursor over to another device and grab what I want instead of setting up some kind of sharing, email myself or put in a dropbox. Yet the magic was gone and it has been for quite some time. Without Steve Jobs it is not the same. I am more likely to check of a Tesla or SpaceX presentation by Elon Musk.

Want to edit files on Ubuntu running on your Mac through VirtualBox?

I fiddled so much getting this right, that I felt I short write this down with all the mistakes I made.

VirtualBox is software which allows you to run another operating system in a virtual environment. E.g. I am on a Mac and need to test software on Linux.

What you do in this dialog is to add a virtual machine. I am calling this machine foobar to be able to easily find it later. Use a more sensible name.

No, This Does Not Install Ubuntu

Here is the first possible confusion: Selecting Ubuntu (64-bit) does not actually install Ubuntu. Rather it creates a virtual machine…

Because both communist movements and fascists created centralized dictatorships with significant state control, there is a widespread misconceptions that these ideologies are similar. They are not.

The ideas of communism and fascism are fundamentally opposed to each other. We have all heard about nature and nurture. Are we a product of how we have been raised or a product of our genetic inheritance? The reality is that we are both. However, communists place extreme emphasis on nurture, while fascists tend to put extreme emphasis on nature. Especially in Nazism there is a belief in superior human beings. A belief in natural gifted leaders, such as Hitler.

Communism is collectivist. It is about the party, not about the Führer. Both emphasize the common good but in different…

A key problem with the OOP paradigm is its overuse, but how do you know when to use it and when to avoid it?

Conceptually, OOP is built on the idea of a network of independent objects communicating with each other. One object asks another object to do a serve for it. Often this way of looking at the world is preferable, especially at a large scale. It is how the internet works. We have individual severs communicating with each other and doing services for each other.

But there is a problem with this way of organizing programs at lower levels of granularity. The focus on objects with identity creates problems. If you are doing things with specific identifiable objects, then this leads you…

A comparison of small code snippets to show some of the advantages of Julia for functional programming

A recent Twitter discussion on the use of the reduce function in JavaScript inspired me to write this story. I primarily write Julia code and I noticed with the examples of how reduce was used, that the issue seemed to be more about JavaScript than reduce. This got me thinking about what makes a language suitable for functional programming.

Even though people seem to love functional programming in JavaScript, it is not really a language well designed for it. However, Julia does it quite well. Why is that? A key reason is because functional programming is all about functions and…

Significant whitespace is often touted as a major advantage of Python, but in reality it is a disadvantage and solves no problem that could not be solved in better ways.

Generated using Carbon with SynthWave ’84 theme

I never wanted to write this story, because I hate it when people get hung up on minor details in a language. In the Julia community we sure have a fair share of them. I don’t know how many times people start ranting about how 1-based indexing is a total deal breaker.

So let me get this out of the way first: Significant whitespace is not a Python deal breaker. You should not avoid using Python because of the use of significant whitespace. So why am I writing this article then if I am fine with it?

Because Python developers…

They come to the West and we give them everything. In return they become terrorists, rapists, and murderers. Why are they so ungrateful? We have done so much for them!

Sorry for the inflammatory and bigoted intro. I wanted to capture what so many people think about immigration and accepting refugees. I see people ask questions such as why do we let ourselves be invaded? Why do we accept people who cannot be employed and will live the rest of their lives on welfare?

Many fellow Westerners have sadly forgotten why we take in refugees in the first place. Are refugees holding guns to our heads? Is a small elite of liberal politicians on a virtue signaling spree?

No, to many this may be hard to accept, but right among…

Do you like the idea of superhero stories but find the typical Marvel block buster highly unsatisfactory? Read up on some great alternatives with better story telling and depth.

I have an affinity for science fiction and superhero movies. Yet many of the worst movies and series that I have seen are superhero and science-fiction stories. Basically I like a good story. But too many science-fiction superhero stories today are all about the action and the special effects. The storytelling and the acting are at the bottom of the list.

I hated pretty much all the big blockbuster Marvel stories that have come to the movie theaters. If you feel the same but you really like to watch some good superhero stories, then what are the alternatives?

In this…

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Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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