Advice to Beginners on Trading Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currencies

Bitcoin paper wallets. Example of one form of cold wallets. These are safe from internet hackers because they are obviously not connected to the internet.
Trezor hardware wallet. You input your pin on the computer. However a hacker can’t pick up which PIN you are inputting, because the position of each number will be different each time. You can only know the position of the keys, by looking at the screen of your hardware wallet.
Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. You can often connect these to mobile crypto currency wallets as well. Not just your computer. However this is not as frequently supported on iPhone.
Seed of Trezor wallet written on paper and Crypto Steel ready to store seed as steel letters. The seed is a list of words used to restore your hardware wallet in case you need to buy a new one because the old got destroyed or malfunctions.

What Crypto Currency to Pick



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