Ah so if you experienced racism, you believe that entitles you to be a racist? The antidote to ignorance is not spread even more ignorance.

It is convenient to think of Europeans as the evil bogey man huh? The evil behind every single little problem in the world. Not all that different from how Nazis explain every problem in the world as caused by Jews pulling the strings. You think you are so clever but all you have done is just adopted the old narrative the Nazis created about the Jews as master manipulators behind all the bad stuff, and changed the main characters to be white people.

You take complex world history and dumb it down to being all about white people pulling all the strings when evil is being done. Everybody is guilty. Same reason and logic the Nazis used to accuse every Jew even little kids and their mothers. That some may have felt wronged by a greedy Jewish banker or loanshark suddenly became the responsbility of every single Jew.

Reality is that there is no skin color difference in abuse, exploitation, murder and crime. You are setting a double standard. Take the East Indian company for instance. Who do you think most of their soldiers were? They were Indian. They voluntared to fight for the East Indian company, to aid them in their oppression and colonization.

Who do you think grew the opium who poisoned so many Chinese? Do you think Brits in England grew opium? Do you think the British invented opium? Of course not. Indians grew it and the Brits sold it. Who do you think manned those ships shipping the opium? You think they were all Europeans?

No, large number of sailors and traders involved in the opium trade were Indians.

But of course they are all excused and bare no blame, because they got brown skin color. Had they had white skin color OTOH, they would have been white devils and acomplices.

When a white person works for a colonialist or renders a service for him, then he is an acomplice. When a brown person does the same, he is simply an innocent victim of circumstances. Do you see the double standard?

These "white empires" as you call them subjugated anybody regardles of skin color. What you are saying is that when the British subjugated, murdered and starved the Irish to death, they were somehow acomplices and beneficaries of their own enslavement. While brown people were all helpless victims. Never mind all the Indian princes who joined the East Indian company in their conquest.

And who is "white" exactly? Do you have a clear definition? Are North Africans white? Are Turks white? Are Jews white? Are Middle Easterners white? Or are only Europeans white?

When the Ottomans conquered and enslaved Eastern Europe, was that white people enslaving whites or was that brown people enslaving whites.

I cannot really tell, because I am not so preoccupied with racializing history as you seem to be. But perhaps you can give me the answer.


Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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Erik Engheim

Erik Engheim

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.