Apple is Turning Into the Next Microsoft

We keep waiting for Apple to produce the next revolutionary product that will push them to the top, but maybe we have the strategy all wrong?

What Did Steve Jobs Do, Anyway?

The Apple I contained a lot of clever usage of chips to keep the number of chips and costs to a minimum, thanks to the electronics genius of Woz. In the Apple I era, home computers where kits not professional looking boxes.
Steve Jobs on the left and Wozniak on the right.
Apple II 38W power supply designed by Rob Holt. Steve Jobs wanted smaller and more quiet power supply but could not really afford to pay the designer Rob Holt.

Smart Engineers and Competent Mangers is Not Enough

At Xerox PARC modern GUIs got developed as well as rapid application development using modern Integrated Development Environments (IDE) based on Smalltalk. Yet Xerox management could not see potential.
System 1 on the first Mac. The first GUI Operating System commercially released.
The NeXTSTEP operating system developed at NeXT under Steve Jobs revolutionized software development by allowing the rapid construction of GUI applications through drag-and-drop of reusable objects.
The colorful iMac’s which saved Apple were in fact not initiated by Steve Jobs, but Jobs understood the potential and appeal. This in a time when every computer had beige color.
In typical Apple fashion, the power adapter is not only pretty but also practical, allowing you to easily wrap up loose cables around it, or replace the type of plug used.

Jobs Pushing Employees to Their Limits

There is this false assumption that Apple products are just about appearance. But if you look at computers back in the early 2000s, you see Macs where not only prettier but also more practical: Handle bars for easy carry. Latch on the side to open it up without the need for a screwdriver.

Ok, What Does This Have To do With Microsoft?

Microsfot Windows 1.0. Not widely used or very successful.
Microsoft Windows 3.11 which was a big success for Microsoft. The first Windows I used. Before that most of us use MS DOS and a command line interface.

A Roman Replaced the Macedonian at Apple

What Will Future Apple Success Look Like

Do We Want This Future?

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