Are web apps not accepted? As mentioned before this use to be the ONLY way to add apps to iPhones. Apple believed that users would be happy with web apps only. The appstore was created specifically because users and developer revolted against this notions. People wanted native apps.

This is why I keep stressing the importance of history. This very same thing played out on OS X as well. Apple offered Java as the language to program Mac apps. Developers didn’t want it. They went for native Objective-C. Of course people kept complaing that Objective-C was old fashion and that Apple should use some kind of industry standard language. So they made Python and Ruby binding for Cocoa. Developers didn’t warm to that either.

So Apple ended up creating Swift. The regular crowd complained again about Apple using an Apple specific technology rather than embracing an existing language. The thing is that Apple did the sensible thing. They developed a language tailored to the specifics of their platform. There was always going to be an impedance mismatch between Java, Python, Ruby and Cocoa. That is why developers rejected it. It simply wasn’t nice to use when it was not designed specifically to work together.

Likewise there will always be some impedance mismatch between various cross platform technologies including web applications.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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