Classic Victim Blaming by Police Brutality Apologist

It is almost fascinating the length to with people will make up excuses for obvious and extreme cases of unjust police violence. I am morbidly impressed by the amount of ink you spent defending the indefensible..

It is akin to somebody tryin to write a 20 page essay to convince the crowd that the king was in fact not naked as if you only add more pages, somehow people will be more convinced. Oh and let us add some citations and references as well for good measure.

I am sure you are completely convinced yourself, and deem me just another hopeless case who doesn’t see what is so obvious to you. Those who created segregation where also convinced God, reason and morality was on their side as well.

I am not writing this to convince you that you are wrong, because men who have gone this far down the rabbit hole are never coming back. All I want you to know is that nobody outside America thinks any of this is normal or justified.

I see how people are treated and arrested elsewhere. Resisting arrest is not a death sentence in a civilized country. You can delude yourself into thinking this is all justified or normal, that this black man brought it all upon himself.

I have had this discussion enough times with Americans making excuses like this. Not quite at this length. I know what is always lurking at the bottom and and the end of the discussion. They never want to admit it. But it always surfaces at the end: This deep held belief that black people are simply lesser people. They are simply born less intelligent and with a propensity for violence and delinquency. Inequality in America is simply natural. Racism has nothing to do with it.

Anyone who wants to convince me that police brutality is not a major problem in the US can read this article.

I did not write this response to convince you. I wrote this to take a stand. Because I believe it is important to not be among the silent mass. Because there may be others coming across the writing who are not yet as set in their ways and which may be willing to start exploring and question the orthodoxy.

My advice is, start looking at how police arrest in other countries. Look at the statistics. See how many people get shot. Look at videos online of police interactions in other countries. Look at people’s accounts of interacting with US police and their accounts of interacting with other western police. If you are open minded you will start to see a major difference. And hopefully you will begin to question the procedures, training and standards for US police.

Finally I am not saying there is something inherently wrong with the people who are police in the US. I am saying there is something inherently wrong with the training they receive, the procedures they follow and the reactions by the justice system when they screw up.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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