Calcutron-33: A Decimal Based RISC Microprocessor

An imaginary CPU with a decimal number system instead of a binary number system to make teaching and learning how a CPU works easier.

Part of the Analytical Engine, a mechanical computer which used decimal numbers rather than binary numbers for calculations just like the Calcutron-33.
The Calcutron-33 Decimal RISC CPU Architecture. Registers contain 9 slots. Memory 90 slots. ALU adds and subtracts numbers. Decoder activates other boxes, by looking at content in Instruction Register.


Specification of Machine Code Format

Assembly Instruction Set

Pseudo Assembly Instructions

Example Progams

    INP x2  // first number to multiply. This will get added
INP x3 // second number. Treated as counter
CLR x1 // accumulator for result. Clear it out.

RSH x4, x3, 1 // Push right most digit of x3 into x4

ADD x1, x1, x2 // Add first input to accumulator
DEC x4 // Decrement counter for number of additions
BGT x4, multiply // Repeat while x4 > 0

LSH x2, x2, 1 // Left shift. x2 made 10x larger
BGT x3, nextdigit // check if all digits have been processed

OUT x1

Final Remarks

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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