Flux vs TensorFlow Misconceptions

Do you not get what the big deal is about the Flux Machine Learning Library? Let us clear up some common misconceptions.

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How is Julia Performance Relevant for Flux?

William Heymann asks:

  • Write your own custom node (op) in C++, and to all the busy work of registering it with the TensorFlow system, to make it available from Python.
a = 3
b = 4
c = a + b - 10
a = VariableNode("a")
b = VariableNode("b")
c = AddNode(a, SubNode(b, Constant(10)))
execute_graph(c, ["a" => 3, "b" => 4])

Flux Looks Small and Incomplete

On twitter Timothy Lau asked me this question.

relu(x) = max(zero(x), x)

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