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  • Aman Khanakia

    Aman Khanakia


  • Federico Pugliese

    Federico Pugliese

    Cloud, DevOps and ML Engineer. Aspirant Writer.

  • Alasdair Allan

    Alasdair Allan

    Scientist, Author, Hacker, Maker, and Journalist.

  • Daan


    Backend developer from The Netherlands. Crypto enthusiast.

  • Michelle Deen

    Michelle Deen

    Author “Saving America's Grace.” Therapist turned Dem comms strategist taking on GOP manipulation/polarization/ dysfunction/messaging www.deencommunications.com

  • Jean-Louis Gassée

    Jean-Louis Gassée

  • Anupam Chugh

    Anupam Chugh

    Pouring thoughts in technology and code. Writer with over 2M views. An Android and iOS developer by the day. Investor. Sometimes funny. linktr.ee/anupamchugh

  • Herb Bowie

    Herb Bowie

    Chief Practopian at The Practical Utopian

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