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  • Michał Męciński

    Michał Męciński

    Author of open source projects at www.mimec.org, technical writer, co-founder of www.bulletcode.com

  • Comrade Morlock

    Comrade Morlock

    If you’re losing an argument with me and are too proud to admit defeat, please feel free to insult me instead.

  • Dillon Melet

    Dillon Melet

    American-Israeli nincompoop who loves to write.

  • Marjan Krebelj

    Marjan Krebelj

    Once an architect, now a freelance filmmaker/photographer with a small vegetable garden on the side. I run marathons too.

  • Mike Selinker

    Mike Selinker

    Game and puzzle designer, author, and amateur firebrand

  • Tim Knowles

    Tim Knowles

    Worked in our nations space programs for more than 35 years

  • Shinichi Okada

    Shinichi Okada

    Tools and tips for programmers. Math teacher, programmer, husband, father, Japanese. Get full access from https://blog.codewithshin.com/membership

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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