Gasoline Cars Can Never Be the Final Solution

You overcomplicate a very simple question: How do you get to zero CO2 emissions in the future?

It has a very simple answer: You stop pumping oil from the ground and you stop digging coal.

In a world where you are not longer pumping oil, how are you going to fuel that Jetta TDI? You can make synthetic gasoline, using electrolysis and combine with CO2 from say biomass.

That will involve using electricity from the grid. And that is significantly less efficient than simply charging the battery of an electric vehicle.

In other words, using liquid fuel in a non-fossil fuel based economy is highly inefficient and costly, so why are you pushing this solution?

Liquid fuels should only be pushed for areas where we have no choice. We cannot fly with batteries and hence syntethic fuel will have to be produced for long haul flights. Although short distance flying actually works with batteries and you can do battery replacement upon each landing for quick turnaround.

When we use zero fossil fuels, then the electric grid will have to drive the production of almost anything we do, so arguing that getting power from the grid makes no sense.

How do you think gasoline gets into your tank? You think it walks itself out of the oil fields and all the way over to the gasoline pumps at the gas station? No it has to be pumped up, shipped by large crude oil tankers. No, the steel to make those wasn't for free either. Then it has to be refined in a large refinery. You think that is free energy wise? Nope. In fact the refery spend so much energy refining the gasoline you fill on your tank, that before you have even driven a mile, the electric car has beaten you on emissions.

And I haven't evne included the energy, road tear, maintenance etc required to ship the gasoline to the gas station. Using the grid is a lot cheaper and more efficient way to send energy than large tanker trucks.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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