Go Does Not Need a Java Style GC

Why does Go not need a fancy expensive garbage collector like Java and C#?

Why Java Needs a Fast GC More Than Everybody Else

class Knight {
int health;
class oopDesc {
volatile markOop _mark; // for mark and sweep
Klass* _klass; // the type

Memory Fragmentation

How Java overcomes memory fragmentation

Adding Complexity

How Modern Languages Avoided The Same Pitfalls as Java

// Go: Make an an array of 15 000 Point objects intype Point struct {
X, Y int
var points [15000]Point

Value Types

type Rect struct {
Min, Max Point
On the left Java style memory fragmentation. On the right contiguous blocks of memory possible in Go, C/C++, Julia etc.
type Sha1 struct {
data [20]byte

Value Types Are Not Enough

var ptr *Point = &rect.Min // Store pointer to Min in ptr
*ptr = Point(2, 4) // replace rect.Min

Custom Secondary Allocators

type Arena []Node

func (arena *Arena) Alloc() *Node {
if len(*arena) == 0 {
*arena = make([]Node, 10000)

n := &(*arena)[len(*arena)-1]
*arena = (*arena)[:len(*arena)-1]
return n
func buildTree(item, depth int, arena *Arena) *Node {
n := arena.Alloc()
if depth <= 0 {
*n = Node{item, nil, nil}
} else {
*n = Node{
buildTree(2*item-1, depth-1, arena),
buildTree(2*item, depth-1, arena),
return n
n := &(*arena)[len(*arena)-1]

Problem with Java Bump Allocators

Generational GC and Escape Analysis

func escapingPtr() []int {
values := []int{4, 5, 10}
return values

fun nonEscapingPtr() int {
values = []int{4, 5, 10}
var total int = addUp(values)
return total

Modern Languages Don’t Need Compacting GCs

Generational GC vs Concurrent GC Pauses

What if Garbage is Created Faster Than Go Can Clean It Up?

In Short

Assumed GC Tradeoffs No Longer Apply

Old Techniques Are Inherently Bad?

Go is Not C#


Heap Overhead

Why Low Latency Matters Even for Java

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