He lived in the US before and knows the country well. Better than a lot of Americans it seems. What many Americans fail to grasp is that as the current world hegemon your country will be written about by people outside, because America dominate world affairs.

When I “turn on” the internet, do I see my own country Norway? No, the world I see I America. America is on Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, Reddit, pretty much anywhere. I see more of America than I see my own culture online. It even affects children all over the world outside the US. Norwegian children today often have a better vocabulary in English than in Norwegian thanks to computer games, Netflix and the multitude of other American media influences.

You created this dominance. You Americans wanted it. Now we are all part of your culture. We look straight into your lives everyday. So don’t come now and complain and say we should look elsewhere. Perhaps you should have thought about that before you built the American empire. As Rammstein sings “We all live in America!”

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