High Expectations of Apple Users

Us Apple users are used to high quality products and thus easily complain. I have been far more happy with all my Apple laptops than any PC laptop I have ever tried.

The minute I sit down with a PC laptop I have something like 20 different complaints:

  1. Touchpad is far too small.
  2. Touchpad sensitivity is just terrible.
  3. Quality of screen sucks.
  4. Annoying sounds of creaky plastic
  5. Poor quality buttons for mouse clicks.
  6. Heavy and clunky.

I am sure you can hunt around for a long time to find something you like. But the benefit of Apple has been that there are relatively few models to choose from and their are all of very high quality. You don’t pick an Apple computer and accidentally get a terrible screen.

Best of all is you don’t need to deal with adware, virus checkers and other crapware filling up your operating system installation.

Yes for us developers a lot of stuff Apple has done over the last years have not been in our interest but it is still pretty far away from how terrible I think Windows machines are to use. The only redeeming factor is that you can replace Windows with Ubuntu Linux and get some sanity back, such as a command line that actually works. Sane handling of line endings and path names.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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