History exists outside your state bordres and outside the borders of the US as well. I live in Norway and I can tell you those slave owners celebrated in your state, certainly did not get a fond memory in my history books in Norway.

Nor do we remember Ronald Reagan kindly. Over here Ronald Reagan was viewed as a clown. In fact I was rather shocked when visiting a religious conservative state in the US for the first time and everybody talking about Ronald Reagan with reverence.

I was not sure if they where joking. No, these American conservatives may do a fairly good job of rewriting history in America, but they cannot fool all of us.

Although I have noticed that the enormous influence of America in the world, the dominance of American media companies etc does have an effect on pushing an American narrative on the rest of the world, to a greater degree today, than in the past.

In an increasingly interconnected world it becomes ever more complicated to attempt to teach alternative versions of reality to your citizens. I have seen repeatedly how people from different countries while working and studying abroad happen to engage in a discusion about history and realize that they got taught widely different versions of reality. The results can get quite ugly.

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