How I would Solve the Global Warming Problem

Green Net Zero Taxes

  1. Calculate average liters of gasoline consumed by each citizen. Give each citizen a tax rebate corresponding to the amount of extra taxes they will get from say a doubling of fuel taxes.
  2. Or, let everyone provide some sort of proof of how much gas the use in an average year. Then give each one a tailored tax rebate.
  3. All money collected from extra green taxes goes to a fund to pay for tax reductions: e.g. could be lower sales tax, income tax or property tax.

Effects on the Transport Sector

Effects on Power Production

Green Investment Incentives

Creating the Right Incentives for Making Biofuels

  1. Make sure it is never a national agricultural subsidy policy. E.g. Brazil could produce biofuels from sugar cane at much lower price and 4x the energy efficiency of US producers, yet their exports got blocked to the US market.
  2. Develop technology for making biofuels from wood and waste plant material which cannot be eaten. This is already well on its way.
  3. Growing biofuels in bioreactors. This could be algae or cyanobacteria. These can be produced on several hundred times less area and does not require any valuable agricultural land, since the reactors could be set up anywhere with access to water.
  1. Regulations that simply bans the use of agricultural land for biofuel production. Using biomass waste product would be fine though.
  2. Differentiated subsidies. You get subsidies for biofuel production according to the size of the area you use for production. Smaller areas give higher subsidies.

Reduction in Power and Fuel Consumption



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Erik Engheim

Erik Engheim


Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.