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How will Cybertruck shape the future of Tesla and the car industry?

With exceptional performance and exceptionally good price the Tesla Cybertruck could radically alter Tesla’s product strategy and force the rest of the industry to adapt.

The Cybertruck is often compared to the price of gasoline trucks, where it in comparison offers quite a good price but if you actually compare it to the other offerings of Tesla, the price is quite frankly shockingly low.

What if Cybertruck Becomes a Hit?

The big question for Tesla and the rest of the car industry is what do you do if Cybertruck becomes a reality and it is a hit in the market? For Tesla, they suddenly have a formula for how to make cars with impressive specifications at a low price, but it means some sacrifices. It means a flat angular look and no paint job.


My prediction is that the Cybertruck will be a hit, although I am sure it will be off to a rough start as almost all Tesla products. They will likely not meet their announced delivery time, and because it will be a different manufacturing process, they will have struggles getting it up and running.

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Gradual Buildup

Don’t expect Cybertruck to be a massive hit over night. It will be more popular than the established players predict initially but truck drivers are not going to be running down the store to get one initially.

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