I am not sure if that much is known about the Micro Magic RISC-V CPU. My understanding is that it is a general purpose CPU, so if you want to perform data parallel tasks which is performed well with SIMD or Vector instructions you may want to look at other options.

I update the article to mention Esperanto Technologies which make something more similar to what you are looking for.

They make a whole System on a Chip called ET-SOC-1 which has some general purpose RISC-V processors for running an operating system bundled with over 1000 specialized RISC-V coprocessors which implement the RISC-V vector extension instruction set.

This kind of solution gives very high performance on machine learning tasks or anything where you do lots of vector and matrix operations.

The cores Esperanto Technologies make are licensable. So the specialized RISC-V based vector processor, called ET-Minion could be licensed by Apple, Intel, AMD or anybody really at put on their chips.

But this really just goes to show the advantage of RISC-V. You can tailor make solutions for highly specialized tasks and have a performance advantage in these particular types of tasks.

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