I have met many hard core racists in my life. I remember a guy I served with in the military who proudly told us how they had chased away a black family from his tiny town.

On another occassion when we talked about what we would to if we only had two weeks left to live, he shocked us all again by saying he would spend that time shooting black people. He was bigotted and narrow minded in every way. But he was also the Norwegian equivalent of a redneck. He came from a far, and had simply very little interactions with other people. He had little sense of the wider world.

The problem I see it that it is quite hard to talk about racism as soon as overzealous "woke" liberals show up. Because the really dangerous racist like this guy I served with are not really on their agenda. No, they are there to police the rest of us.

If I disagree with a black person on an issue, they will be all over me. This is not to cry "oh poor me," but rather to point out the simple fact that this "honest discussion" a lot of people want on racism, is simply never going to happen, because unless you follow the script purists have given you, you can expect a lecture.

I do my best to speak out against racism, but the real honest discussion people are asking for is never going to happen, because there are too many things people don't want to hear.

Ironically it is easier to have a discussion with your average racist about racism. Sure they can get really mad, if you call them racist, but in general they don't begin a tiresome lecture and about how I need to shut up, educate myself and listen.

I have challenged some of these "woke" liberals on whether they actually ever talk to racist and try to understand them better. I couldn't even have a conversation about that, before getting lectured.

I might not be politically correct but I actually put in some effort to try to bring around serious racist. Maybe it doesn't change anything but ever since the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik killed over 80 of my countrymen in cold blood I have decided we cannot let people with crazy ideologies like him never experience being unopposed. Because that is what happens with these people. Nobody ever really bothers to challenge their views. It is too tiresome. Instead most anti-racist prefer to do purety tests on people who really aren't very racist to begin with. And certainly are not very dangerous.

I know it is popular to talk about racism as only being something that puts people of color in danger, but in the case of Anders Behring Breivik his racism actually caused him to kill white Norwegians just like me, because they shared my political views.

He didn't want to kill people of color because he did not want them to gain sympathy from the wider public. No he instead wanted to kill political leftists such as myself, because he blamed us for bringing in minorties to Norway.

There are countless survivors of this shooting, almost all white native Norwegians. And yet they still get hate message, death threats and shit weekly from right-wing extremsits. People telling them that they should have died that day. Thus fighting racism isn't necessarily an unrisky business. It hurts more people than minorities.

It is not that I am personally afraid, but I am just saying I am not just trying to do my part for the sake of minorities, but also for those fellow countrymen who could again end up in in the firing line of a crazy racist right-wing extremist, because they are too leftist, or too minority friendly in the political and personal views.

I am also worried about where this is going. Norway is still quite stable, but one can see the rise of fascism these days all over the world. But I don't think we can fight it with PC culture and lectures. One needs to be willing to engage with people. A lot of this is driven by fears as well. Large influx of refugees with rising social problems has also created fears and anxities among the white majority population. But they are not really allowed to talk about that and thus the racism goes underground.

I think it is better to actually try to listen to racists in a serious manner and challenge them rather than just calling them names and giving lectures. You don't really get anywhere by talking down to people.

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Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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