I hear this sentiment many times, but it has never been clear to me why the election of Obama should make anybody that upset? Our candidate or political party of choice doesn’t always win, and one might not agree with the policies of the incoming administration. E.g. I don’t favour the coalition government my home country Norway currently has, and I disagree with a number of policies, but they are not of the type of government which I would march in the street against and rail against in the social media.

For all my disagreements, they were represented by mostly normal politicians who made their arguments in a civil manner. That has been my impression of Obama as well. He used polite language and acted civilized. And he did not have any revolutionary agenda. The policies he has followed has not been radically different from his predecessors. Doesn’t mean I don’t disagree with a number of his policies, but that doesn’t make me angry and loathsome. E.g. I strongly disagree with the following things Obama did:

  1. Drone based assasinations, especially in countries not at war with the US.
  2. Failed to keep his promise to strengthen the protection of whistleblowers. Did quite the opposite.
  3. Never agreed with his health care plan. He should have aimed for a single payer system or allowed americans to buy insurance from medicare.
  4. Failed to close gitmo although that is not really his fault from what I understand. But perhaps he could have spent more political capital on it.
  5. Purposefully killing Osama bin Laden rather than attempting his capture. He should have been put on trial. That is what democracies do.
  6. Failed to prosecute a single individual for the financial crisis despite knowing vast amounts of fraud and criminal activity had contributed significantly to the crisis.
  7. Nobody got prosecuted for war crimes, like torture, rendition etc.

Yet I know few American presidents are perfect. They all make mistakes and wrong policies of some sort. What is different with Donald Trump, is that from the very beginning he has engaged in deliberate divisive and inflamatory rethoric. He has run on a revolutionary agenda. He speaks before he thinks more so than almost any other candidate I can remember following the election of.

  1. He proposes during election a general ban on muslims. Having to retract later as obviously you can’t have a religious test for entry to the US.
  2. He suggests taking out the family of terrorists, to discourage it. So he proposes murdering innocent women and children to fight terrorism. Obviously this is so horribly bad, that he has to retract this later as well.
  3. He suddenly blurts out on twitter that a written agreement with Australia is dumb and should be revoked. You can’t treat close allies that way. You keep things like that private.

Just two examples of how he says the most outrages things which could have been prevented if he was actually thinking before he opened his mouth or discussed policies with advisors first.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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