I know! My 2013 model Mac Pro is still doing great so I don’t really need a new computer, but man it is tempting. Apple made it easier for me to resist though by adding such minuscule selection of USB ports.

I always wanted ARM on Mac to happen, but honestly I care more for expandability than performance. I would love to have the ability to easily add SSD disks, maybe memory but definitely a lot more USB ports. 5 USB-A ports would have been ideal for me:

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. Webcam
  4. Microphone
  5. External DAC with speakers

And I dunno 3 USB-C or something to possibly connect extra external hard-disk or screen.

I got a big boxy PC just to able to add a blue ray burner internally and a bunch of SSDs. But I kind of hate that machine already. I wish there was something like the old Mac G4 towers still around.

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Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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