I think you misread everything I wrote. I was never saying the things she experienced in Geneva, Switzerland could not have happened. I described the Norwegian and Dutch experience. That is a big difference.

I know you Americans like to think Europe is all the same, but there are actually quite large differences. Geneva as a city is quite an outlier even in Switzerland and is not instructive of what the rest of Europe is like.

The manner in which racism and discrimination works across different European countries will vary quite a lot.

I am writing about reality in Norway and the Netherlands. Unless you know this countries well, I don't think it is your place to question my experience there.

I have lived in the US and know that police patrols in neighbourhoods as well as security guards in stores is quite normal.

But I am telling you that is not normal in Norway and the Netherlands. Just take my word for it. It is very rare to see cops in Norway compared to the US e.g. They are too few and with too little resources to go on patrols in neighborhoods. In fact I remember when seeing this in the US I thought it was insane. Like how could they afford to do that, I wondered.

"Woke" liberal Americans ought to be a little bit more humble before lecturing people from other societies and cultures. The American experience is not universal. Don't assume it is.

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