I think you read that a bit too literal. Trump cares about being in the media. Being talked about and being popular. TV ratings is just one aspect of that. His whole campaign was basically launched to promote his brand. Becoming a president was kind of an accident.

That Trump won isn’t proof of his intelligence. Rather it is proof of the poor state of the conservative American electorate: a combination of poorly informed voters, bigoted voters, desperate voters and voters with a poor judgement of character.

No, I am not saying every Trump voter had all of those traits but at least one of them.

In addition to this Trump undeniably has charisma. Narcissists usually do. Lying convincingly helps. But that is not a question of intelligence.

To this one can add a critical flaw of American society. Its obsession with success, capitalism and celebrities. American media created the image of Trump as a successful business person to sell their show “the apprentice.”

The makers admitted this themselves. Before that the ghost writer of his book “the art of the deal,” also admitted to have constructed an image of a genius businessman that did not exist.

Americans wanted to read and hear about Trump because they loved tasteless opulent lifestyles.

Actually we can add more factors. FOX News itself. FOX has tremendous influence in America and they basically picked Trump as their guy. Roger Aisles and Steve Bannon sat down and picked Trump. And in Bannon Trump actually had a guy with a brain that helped him win. A guy that understood the primitive appeal of Trump and how he could use it to win the angry right-wing voters.

Even the Russians wanted Trump. They had seen his potential due to his media popularity and their realization that he was a guy of limited intellect they could manipulate. Also helped them that he owed them tons of money. Or rather he owed them tons of money because they saw him as an asset they could exploit and the money was leverage.

I could actually go on, but there was simple a ton of reasons Trump won which had nothing to do with his intelligence. He won for reasons which reflected rather badly upon himself and America as a society.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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