Interesting seeing this from an American perspective. I grew up in the 80s in Norway and it was a time where the American pop culture really started to make its mark. Foreign TV channels was allowed for the first time which meant I watched stuff like He-man and transformers as a kid.

Yet I grew up in this sort of hybrid Scandinavian-American reality. My kids today despite still living in Norway are in an almost completely Americanized childhood with the games they play, YouTube, Netflix etc.

As a kid I learned Swedish very well e.g. because a lot of the media we consumed was Swedish. A lot of popular science books I read was in Swedish. My kids have much better English vocabulary than I had as a kid but their understanding of Swedish is crap.

It is a bit sad to see this kind of shared Scandinavian identity and common reference points demolished.

So yeah… I think I miss the 80s for many reasons. But let us get real not everything is bad. Crime is much lower in Norway today. There is less bullying and generally safer.

From what I know crime was quite terrible in the US in the 80s.

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