Lets talk about Abstractions

Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things.

Mathematics and Abstract Language Concepts

Abstractions in a Programming Language

+(a::Int8,    b::Int8)    = add_int8(a, b)
+(a::Int16, b::Int16) = add_int16(a, b)
+(a::Float32, b::Float32) = add_float32(a, b)
function *(a::Integer, b::Integer)
sum = 0
for i in 1:a
sum += b
return sum
function intersect(a::Circle, b::Rectangle)
function intersect(a::Polygon, b::Circle)
function intersect(a::Polygon, b::Rectangle)
abstract type Shape
struct Rectangle <: Shape
struct Circle <: Shape
struct Polygon <: Shape
function foobar(a::Shape, b::Shape)
if intersect(a, b)

Abstractions in a Natural Language



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