Manufacturing and Construction on Venus and Mars

A selection of the 50 different DIY industrial machines designed for the Global Village Construction Kit.

Modern Consumer Society and Manufacturing

Economic and Technological Legacy

Space Colony Demands on Manufacturing

Things We Don’t Have to Care About

Possible Solutions to Manufacturing and Building Challenges

T-slot based beams are flexible, since they allow another beam or object to be attached on all four different sides anywhere along the beam. You can see the screw head inside the T-slot.
A 3D printer made primarily from T-slots.

Products Needed

Unique Needs for Space Colonists


The top of the balloon has a lens concentrating sunlight onto the top of the building to sinter (melt to hard structure) the martian soil.
3D printing using multiple smaller robots.
Rendering of Skylifter in operation.
A model of the B330 inflatable module from Bigelow.
Artistic rendition of a space base made up of two bigelow inflated modules, and we two docked Soyuz spacecraft. We call the module everything is attached to a connecting module.
Shows how ballonets are contained within airships, and the difference between right and non-rigid airships.




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