Mechanics of Game of Thrones Board Game

Resource management and strategy

Basic Concept


How Resources are Collected

Event cards. Each turn 3 cards are drawn from 3 separate piles cards.

How to Obtain More Land

Raid, power, support, defense and move order tokens


A selection of house cards from different houses (players). Each house has 7 unique cards which the players get at the beginning of the game. They spend one card each battle. Spent cards are not returned at the end of the turn but rather when all cards have been spent.

How to Win

Peripheral Parts of the Game

The 3 different influence tracks. You can see the player, playing house Martell (Dorne) is on the top of the Iron throne track and hence starts each turn. House Lannister is on top of the fiefdom track (sword symbol) and hence will have an advantage in battle. House stark tops the King’s court track, and can thus execute 3 special orders.


Final Remarks

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