Milton Friedman’s Role in Chile

Milton Friedman was, is and always will be a War Criminal. Just ask the people of Chile.

This is actually something I have been meaning to study more in detail. Have you got any good links, books or anything on this? Or perhaps some interesting facts to share?

One thing I think it also important to not skip over is that despite the immorality of Augusto Pinochet’s regime, my understanding is that Milton Friedman’s economic advice didn’t even work. He had a playing ground where he could put in place his economic fantasy, without any people capable of objecting, yet from what I understand it did not work very well.

It was reading about Chile and New Zealand’s Neoliberal experiments which made me begin questioning a lot of the free market gospel promoted by people like Milton Friedman.

The final nail in the coffin for me was the 2008 crash. Until then I had watched Iceland and thought the Friedman approach might work well. I had looked at the Icelandic “economic miracle” under economic deregulation. Turns out there was no miracle, only shady financial engineering, causing the whole country to economically collapse.

I don’t care about businesses putting profits first, I care that they poison our political system.

I think the two are connected. If profit is all you care about, then poisoning the political system almost becomes a requirement. You cannot do business without some morals as a foundation. A society cannot be built on law alone. We cannot legislate good morals. We have to encourage it and value it. Milton Friedman and his ilk basically devalued morals and corporate responsibility.

PS: Apropos of nothing, Samuel ALito is a degenerate subhuman political AND legal whore.

I don’t know him. Is he relevant in this discussion somehow?

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