No, We Honestly Don’t Need Ads

We don’t need ads to for newspapers, TV, radio or the web to exist. That is merely one way of funding it. Not the only way. You can pay for individual newspapers or to have a TV service.

In fact this approach is usually greatly preferred. The rise of paid streaming services such as Netflix and HBO gave us greatly improved TV quality over advertisement based TV. Wherever advertisement goes it poisons that product and diminished quality.

That the web needs ads is nonsense. The web grew by leaps and bounds long before it was utilized for ads.

One also has to question the assumption that more web, is better than less web. Are we as humans really better off because of Facebook and Instagram? A lot of these services are just mindless time sinks, most likely producing negative value to human society.

Yes, I have a strong opinion on this but that does not mean is extreme. It is far more worrisome how everybody march in lockstep to capitalist consumerism with boundless faith asking no questions.

You really think this is the only way society could possibly operate? Too many people are incapable of thinking outside the box they been put in. I am sure plenty of peasants living under Feudalism also believed it was the only possible way a society could be organized.

At one point it was considered extremist to ask for 8-hour work day. Only extremists said we should ban child labor.

Just because what I say may seem unusual, doesn’t mean it is bad.

Can we Get Rid of Ads?

Most likely we can’t. But that doesn’t mean we should’t put in an effort to reduce ads to a minimum.

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