Not entirely sure what you are referring to. Could you point to some examples. You could give an address e.g. which I could lookup in Google maps?

In general there are more identical looking houses built in a neighborhood on Europe I think. Includes Norway. Where I live we have more duplicates of the same style of house.

However what creates the feeling of sameness in American suburbs is not that every house is entirely identical stylewise, but rather that they are almost exactly the same size. Equal distance from the road, got a drive way, garage and everythign almost exactly the same spot. Almost everything on a very regular grid pattern.

While here in Norway there are clusters of identical houses, and area usually has more variation in types of buildings. There might be smaller and larger houses. Apartment complexes, irregular property sizes and placement of houses. Footpaths, playgrounds which sort of break up the monotony which seems to dominate the American suburb.

Don't get me wrong, I actually think American suburbs are aesthetically very beautiful an neat. But you can kind of get lost in the regularity of the whole thing.

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