Petrel Developer

That is funny because I actually helped develop Petrel over 17 years ago. On of my first software developer jobs fresh out of college. Back then we were just five developers in a relatively small Norwegian startup company.

I still have several collegues who worked on Petrel in the past. It is amazing how big Petrel has gotten since those days.

I wrote this piece mostly inspired by my own struggles over the years understanding field I was writing software for. As software developers we may know how to write and structure code, but usually we have little prior knowledge of the field we end up making software for. I think one of the fun and engaging things about working in the oil sector is that there are a lot of other professionals you can learn interesting things from. I had never known geology was so interesting, until I started working in this field.

I particularly like the whole detective aspect. You get so sort of see the wonders of science. How various pieces of the big puzzle is collected and put together to be able to see what something looks like, which you cannot observe with the naked eye.

I am very happy about your feedback. It means lot with respect to have the motivation to write more articles. I would love to hear feedback on stuff you would like me to write about. I may not write about it, but it is always nice to know what interests people.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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