Rand Paul and The Mental Decline of the Republican Party

The Republican party has turned into a cult, depriving otherwise sane people of their mental capabilities.

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Senator Rand Paul, a possible cult member, struggling to comprehend the reason why we make vaccines.

I have never particular liked US Senator Rand Paul, but unlike Donald Trump I have always believed him to be a person of normal ability to reason and think. Part of the sane Republican establishement. Yet watching the Republican party under Donald Trump is like watching some Alzheimer patient in rapid mental decline.

I hope I don’t offend anyone suffering from it or having a loved one who does. It is not something anyone can control. The American republican party in contrast as brought this upon themselves. It is the steady dripping of statements from various Republican leaders that make me question their mental well being.

The latest is this tweet by Rand Paul:

When anyone tell you something as shockingly stupid, one will struggle to respond, because the statement is so utterly idiotic. Where to begin?

Rand Paul is referring to surviving a horrible disease as a naturally acquired vaccine. If you are uncertain if that is what he is actually saying, Rand Paul makes it abundantly clear in his next tweet:

Yes indeed. Why do we need vaccines when nature gives them to us for free? Why did we waste energy developing e.g. Smallpox vaccines when those who had it ended up immune… or dead. Yes Rand Paul, you forgot that last part. The “dead part.” 300 million people died from Smallpox, but by Rand Paul logic getting Smallpox would be great because it would make you immune to Smallpox afterwards, unless you are dead of course.

The whole point of getting a vaccine is to avoid the “dead part.” The whole fricken point of taking a vaccine rather than opting for the disease Rand Paul is that you are significantly less likely to die from a vaccine than from the actual disease. Do we actually need to spell that out?

Thus far 1.3 million people have died from COVID19 world wide. 35.6 million have recovered but out of those countless have permanent health damage. They have reduced lung capacity, mental fog, depression and many other problems they may never recover from. But hey, it was all totally worth it because they got immune from COVID19.

The idea that we don’t need to develop a COVID19 vaccine because you will be immune after you caught it, is simply offensive to the human intellect and the countless people who still suffer from its aftereffects, and the family and loved ones of those who have died from it.

But this is what the Republican party has turned into. It is now more important to escape into an alternative reality if that can help save a party from being exposed as morally corrupt. Republicans in congress have aided an abetted a crooked and morally corrupt president instead of serving their own country.

Why should I care? I am not even American? Well America is currently the worlds biggest reality show. It has some 7 billion viewers. You can watch it on youtube, twitter, Facebook etc. People listen around the world. The craziness is not self contained and wrapped up neatly. Nope, crazy talk such as that from Rand Paul is spread all over the world.

I start hearing people in Norway at the fringes, the strongly religious, really conservative etc beginning to echo the most deranged ideas emanating from the American Republican party. The Republican party has become a sickness of the mind, which is infecting people all over the world. Slowly, really gradually beginning to undermine the efforts of local authorities in the rest of the world. Who want to wear a mask, keep social distance if it is all just a Democrat hoax or if hey the best way to get immune against COVID19 is to just go ahead and get it.

Yeah… lets just think about that one more time. Why would we need any kind of vaccine, artificial or “natural” if actually getting the disease was completely harmless?

It is like stating that the best way to avoid the horrible black plague is to get the horrible black plague because then you will be immune against it afterwards. Except of course the “dead part”. Half of Norway died during the black plague, but what lucky bastards the survivors where, getting their all-natural vaccine. I am sure getting a vaccine shot in the arm would have been almost exactly the same experience as surviving the black plague. Actually I don’t… but I suspect Rand Paul thinks so.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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