Really? Yeah maybe I should dig more into that.

For me it is sort of part of the childhood. I remember the conservatives sweeping in and the whole Yuppie time starting. Old social democratic values replaced with hedonism and consumerism. People began speculating on the stock exchange to get rich fast. Showing off your wealth became more socially accceptable. People borrowing money like crazy.

Then it call when pearshaped. It is still one of my distinct memories from childhood about our teachers having this solemn conversation with all us kids. My home town has a black Crow as its heraldry shield. Do you have stuff like that in Poland?

Anway our teachers to convey the dire state of the economy of the town had made a drawing of the Crow with all the feathers ripped off. It looked very sad indeed. They began all these rules to minimize usage of notebooks, pens, pencils. Anything to save money.

It is one of those crucial moments in history that get heavily debated and contested afterwards. I know conservatives will reject blame for any of this and shift the blame over to social democrats. They all probably have some guilt.

But I still think ideological shift had a lot of the blame. When Iceland collapsed in 2008, I saw such a clear repeat of what we had done. This same sort of hedonism and get rich fast kind of attitudes having replaced older more solid values.

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Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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