Right Wing Michael Brown Talking Points

What is somewhat fascinating when discussing right-wingers on racism is that when you mention a case, they claim a single case proves nothing.

But the “race realists” will never admit defeat. Even when you fill an article with multiple stories and accounts showing a clear trend combined with actual statistics, research and experiments proving your case the reponse is just:

windy generalizations and unfounded assumptions

Really? And then Tom Gregg thinks what disproves a rich combination of data and supporting stories is bring forth the single case of Michael Brown. One single story, is supposed to somehow undo a wealth of information telling us police brutality and institutionalized racism is a problem.

Everybody can add single stories. Here is another one. Police respond to wellness checkup. Only to brutalize the person they are supposed to help. Being passed out an unable to resist or attack anyone even in theory isn’t enough to avoid police brutality.

Anyway let us look at Tom Greggs, Michael Brown story. Since we don’t have footage we don’t know exactly what happened. Witnesses give conflicting accounts. To suggest story just shows the left will lie for anything is premature. We know that the police lied about George Floyd initially. We know the initial foresnic report was a lie later disproven. And this isn’t the first time. We have many examples of the police being caught lying. You don’t get discredit all this because a single case doesn’t have clear evidence.

Whatever was the exact turn of events we know this for a fact: Michael Brown was unarmed, and he was shot at least six times, twice in the head. This is excessive use of force against an unarmed man. Of course the problem here is that American police has full discretion to murder people if they feel threatened. In other countries you are to use minimal necessary force to avoid the loss of life. If you are a professional policeman and can’t handle an unarmed 18 year old, then American police needs a lot better training. Here is an unarmed female Chinese police arresting a guy with a big knife.

I have served in the military as a Royal Guard and we had clear instructions to shot for the legs, definitely not to put bullets in people’s heads.

Shooting to injure is common in Europe which is why very few shots are fired in shooting incidents by European police. Michael Brown was struck by at least six bullets. That is more bullets than the entire police force will fire in Norway in maybe a decade. In 17 years Norwegian police has shot people 5 times. Lets look at what warranted these shootings. In one case the guy attacked with a chain saw, machete and acid. Next case the police where shot at. One policeman got injured. They shot back. Third case, a drunk guy with a sawed off shotgun shots at police. 3 cops injured. They shot the guy.

In the fourth case there was a guy with the meat cleaver coming after the police. Notice that since he didn’t have a gun, they actually triedd to disable him with a pepperspray first. Only after that failed did, they shoot at him. No shots at the head though. US police in contrast escalate to deadly force much faster. They don’t even pepper spray people who are a threat. They reserve that for disabled people in a wheel chair. Read about the case in Columbus, Ohio. They maced him, pepper sprayed him and took his prosthetic legs. And yet you cry police brutality is all made up by the left.

You can make up excuses such as Norway is a tiny country and “you don’t have crime like us.” Sure but when you are facing down a guy armed or unarmed. There is no difference for Norwegian police and American police. They face the same threat. The fact is that American police on a regular basis gun down clearly unarmed civilians. This is simply highly unusual in other western countries. Norway is not alone. In a typical year British police shoot 3–4 people. And the UK has large metropolis areas like London with serious crime.

Here UK police arrest a crazy guy which unlike Michael Brown was armed with a Machete. Unlike the US, they arrested him without shooting him dead.

This isn’t just a problem with US police but also with American military forces. Their mode of operation is to prefer killing a civilian over putting their own soldiers at any risk. However both a soldier and a police offers has signed up for a job which isn’t risk free. I have friends who have served with the US military in occupied areas and who have said they really preferred to stay as far aways from American soldiers as possible as they tended to make themselves really unpopular among civilians.

Why? Because they operate much like American police. Always geared up and ready to fire on anybody with the smallest suspicion. Meanwhile other nations would spend a lot of effort to build hearts and minds. Take of some gear and interact with the local population. Get to know them. One saw this e.g. in how British troops in Iraq was initially far more successful than Americans with their softer approach. The failure of American police to control crime in America is in many ways a reflection of the failure of the American military in both Afghanistan and Iraq to keep the peace. A brutal approach where your own security comes at the expensive and health of those you are supposed to police or protect will eventually backfire.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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