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Style Pundits Missing the Boat on the Tesla Cybertruck

There is not shortage of opinionated writers online eager to provide us with their overthought analysis of the Tesla Cybertruck.

They are fixated on the style of the Cybertruck and eager to tell us just how profoundly wrong and stupid Tesla has been to choose it. We are told how the typical truck driver is very traditional and how the Cybertruck only appeals to tech geeks in Silicon Valley and not to rural America with down-to-earth guys wearing caps and big beards.

Me-too Products Don’t Sell

First of all these style pundits seem to have failed to see the most obvious problem with the kind of strategy they envision Tesla should have followed. Their argument is that because truck drivers are traditional, Tesla should have opted for a traditional design and not rocked the boat.

  1. Significantly better acceleration.
  2. More advance infotainment system.
  3. Better styling and design (okay that is subjective).
  4. Better safety.
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Rivian electrick truck. Traditional looking truck with untraditional price.
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Bollinger truck. A rugged customizable electric truck at a high price.

What Strategy To Pick?

Style pundits have to ask themselves, what is the better strategy?

  1. Look completely different but offer more capability at lower price?

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