Talking about "white male privilege" solves nothing, and puts the wrong focus on what is actually the problem. The problem isn't that some people get treated the way they should. The problem is all the people who don't get treated as they should.

All this talk of white male privilege is like deciding in a world with a hunger problem that we really should focus our attention on those people who get enough to eat. It is entirely backwards. The problem isn't that somebody gets to eat until not hungry. The problem is those who don't get to eat.

That is the people one should focus on. Shaming people who get enough to eat isn't how you solve a hunger problem.

This whole "privilege" thing is IMHO a typical American disease on the American left. What have they achieved? Nothing! In Nordic countries we got almost half of politicians are women. Most of the current leaders of Nordic countries are women. We got women in the board rooms. We got about 1 year maternity leave for women with full pay. We have still got a way to go. But we are just miles and miles ahead of where the US is today. The US still does not have national maternity leave. We had 6 weeks back in 1905. We accomplished ALL OF THIS without speaking of "white male privilege". Instead we focused on concrete solutions and policies. That has actually made a difference for women.

American women have achieved very little in the US. The misogyny in the US is somewhat rampant. The sexual objectification e.g. Cheerleaders, hooters restaurant. The list goes on. The problem is that instead of talking about actual issues and concrete policies, everything is derailed by focusing the rage on everybody who is white and male.

It is misguided and counterproductive. So many of the problems exposed about MeetToo in the US, is also quite unique problems to the US. E.g. the ability to pay people to shut up, keeps a lot of criminals and sexual predators out of jail in the US. Not all criminal justice systems make it easy to pay your way out of prosecution like in the US.

Why not focus on justice system reforms? Make it harder for the rich to pay their way out of problems. The problem MeeToo exposed isn't merely a male problem, but specifically a problem related to rich and powerful men who can easily use their wealth to bend the justice system.

For men of modest means, the justice system looks quite different. In fact it is more likely to be leveled against them in the US than in their favor.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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