The Tesla Approach to Ending Racism

What on earth does Tesla electric cars have to do with racism? Not anything really, but this is story about the strategy you employ to fight for change.

The Tesla Strategy

Back in 2008 two cars and companies representing entirely different strategies to electrification of the transport sector emerged. This was represented by Tesla’s Roadster and the Th!nk City EV, I will just say Think for short from now on.

Ending Racism the Tesla Way

So far many of the strongest advocates against racism are modeling their approach on Th!nk City. Not knowingly of course, but that is basically what they are doing.

The Grad Delusion of the American Left

This is the grand delusion of the American left. Poverty among African-Americans is simply not down to racism exclusively. Most likely it is not even all that much down to present day racism. Rather it is in much larger part due to the legacy of past racism and slavery.

The Trojan Horse to Fight Racism

In many ways democratic socialism or social democracy is the trojan horse to fight racism. If you end extreme poverty for all races, then you will also end many of the problems driving racism.

The Trojan Horse Against Police Brutality

The same goes for the kind of police brutality that killed George Floyd. One needs to emphasize that police brutality also affects whites. But one has to be careful about how this story is sold.

Tesla’s Multi-Step Strategy

Tesla began selling sports cars to rich people. Then they sold fancy sedan’s to less affluent people until they made the Tesla Model 3 which almost anybody in the middle class could buy.

Do you Have Feedback?

If you have feedback to this story, what I would really appreciate is constructive suggestions for how to tackle racism. Ideas not widely discussed e.g. Let us try to avoid throwing insults at each other. Instead let us find solutions together.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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