Thanks for the feedback! I believe we have had some discussion on similar stuff before but cannot seem to recall at the moment. Did you have a connection to Germany?

Yeah I struggle a bit picking the right words in English when discussing things like social democracy, as American English has very different associations with many of the words we would use in Norwegian.

A language gets very tied up with the culture that use that language. American English has very many derogatory word related to a government: "Big government", "welfare", "entitlement programs" without having a lot of the words we use in Norwegians which are very positively charged.

We have words like spleiselag, dugnad, dugnadsånd which kind of invoke a positive spirit of cooperation and togetherness which I don't really know how the express in English. The word "Velferd" in Norwegian which is close to the english "Welfare" has very different connotations.

The kind of stop gap measures you use to aid the poor which English speakers refer to as "welfare" would not be called "Velferd" in Norwegian. We would call that directly translated "Social support."

"Velferd" in Norwegian is more of a common positively charged thing that everybody enjoys. It is is like public pre-school for all, maternity leave, public health care etc. It doesn't mean poverty relief.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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