Thanks for the links! Took me some time to look at this and think.

But I got to say that I still don't think we are on the same page here. I am not sure if it is clear to you what it is specifically I "complained" about.

I feel the links you have provided are attempts at showing that America can have irregulat city planning. As far as I can tell these areas still have the fundamental problems of American suburbia.

Perhaps the best way to evaluate whether this is what I am looking for or not, is to ask yourself: Would you let a 5 year old loose in this area?

If you say "no," then this is probably not what I have been advocating.

The areas I looked through still have these fundamental problems:

1. Relevant stores in the neighbourhoods are lacking. Where are the groccery stores, bakery or the kind of stores you need to go to on a daily basis. Could you send out say an older kid to buy some grocceries?

2. Accessible public areas such as parks and playgrounds. The ones I see, seem to be based on parents taking children to them. I cannot find any kind of foot paths or car safe environment to let a smaller child get to the playground.

3. Lack of diversity in housing. Houses look like they are in very similar price ranges and standards.

4. I don't think I actually saw a single day care or pre-school in any of the neighborhoods. I am sure they are somewhere but obviously not something you could walk to.

Again none of this is necessarily a problem. It is all about tradeoffs and priorities. You have shown me some really beautiful neighbourhoods and arease. And they offer very convenient driving and parking. But if you are looking for something that is geared more strongly towards walking, biking and public transportation, then none of these places seem that be particularly well designed for that.

Sure they are better than some of the crazy stuff I saw in say Houston. But most of these areas are still really designed around a car first mindset.

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