Thanks for this interesting feedback, I will have to look at rewriting my article then. I didn't know that adding more RAM was that easy.

Honestly I have not had a clear idea of what the limitations on making a larger chips is.

If it was just a single chip, I guess making it larger would create problems with the clock frequency, but I guess the RAM isn't really on the same clock frequency as the CPU anyway.

It sounds to me like again my predictions are too conservative. It will indeed be some very interesting years for the PC industry ahead.

I am very curious to see what strategy the rest of the PC industry will follow to try to counter what will be a huge advantage for Apple compared to the competition.

Lack of vertical integration will make it very hard to transition the Win/PC over to another hardware platform. It has never been done successfully before.

They have always relied on intel eventually pulling an ace out their sleeve. But this time I have high doubts intel will manage to do that.

They beat the RISC workstationsin in the 90s because they had much higher volume, but that strategy is not going to work against ARM.

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