That is what they said when people first suggested using C: Real programmers know how to write assembly code. They don’t need to be babied with a language like C!

In fact even brilliant minds such as John von Neumann make such flawed assumptions. He was furious about a student who had made an assembler, because real programmers are supposed to program in machine code!

And so it goes. There are always some grumpy old git who thinks everything was just better in the old days, and that the “new stuff” is a frivolous indulgence.

Actually I am a bit like that myself. I still kind of long for the days where I could just set a pointer to graphics memory and start changing pixels by manipulating memory directly.

But I cannot say I miss dealing with near and far pointers.

But in all honesty who doesn’t know interpreters and compilers are commonly written in C? I am puzzled you think this should be news to me.

I have written compilers in C. Why would I not know? I have worked on interpreters written using Yacc and Lex. This is well known old school stuff. Time to move into the future.

What do you think Zig is written in? You think the Zig author is an idiot who cannot write C/C++ code properly?

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Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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