The Crazy and Unscientific American Political Right

By the look of your picture I am guessing I am twice your age, or close thereto.

You should never judge people by looking at their picture on the internet. I can assure you that you are not twice my age.

I also have been a student (though not professionally) of economics for about 50 years.

I’ve been studying economics in similar fashion to you for about 25 years. But to me the most important factors has probably been to have actually lived in different countries with different economic and social systems and see how things work in practice.

What I see today in every media orifice is screaming leftist ideolgies that have not one scrap of common sense.

Of course there are leftists with no common sense. But if you cannot see the lack of common sense on the political right then you have some seriously big ideological blinders on. Why is a large portion of the political right support an obvious simpleton, liar and conman like Donald Trump? One thing is for sure, Milton Friedman would never have approved of Donald Trump. A sharp guy like Friedman would have seen what a fraud Trump is right away.

The American right today is overflowing with deranged conspiracy theorists and science haters. They called COVID19 a hoax. They call global warming a hoax. They call vaccines a hoax (although you also find some nutty leftists who do that). Even flat earth morons are primarily right wingers. And let us not forget an even older and large group of simpletons, the creationists.

You cannot with a straight face say that lack of common sense is somehow a uniquely leftist problem. Quite the contrary, I would say that in contemporary America it is a defining feature of the political right. Just look the Tea party. Crazy conspiracy theories all over the place.

Intellectual arguments are fine, but where the rubber meets the road is how stuff gets done.

Yeah… and who failed spectacularly there? Is the American right not currently in power? You got the most scientifically advanced nation on the planet with a low density population. Also one of the richest. America had every reason to be a star performer in combatting COVID19. Instead of being among the top 5 countries. It is among the bottom countries. It has one of the worst COVID19 responses of any country, especially considering its starting point.

Pretty much every country which has done worse than the US has had significantly higher population density, and much more frequent use of public transportation.

Americans are about to get thrown on the streets in the thousands begging for food due to this terrible response. That is where rubber meets the road.

I do not see ONE SINGLE thing that the left in politics is presenting as a positive force for bettering the citizens of this nation.

I can see quite a lot:

  • A livable wage for workers.
  • Free or affordable college for average Americans.
  • Gun control to get the weekly mass shootings under control.
  • Affordable health care for all Americans. Health care as a right rather than a privilege for the lucky few.

What I do see is just plain STUPID unworkable plans

If you think those plans are unworkable then I think you missed a lot over those 50 years of studying economics.

that would bankrupt this nation in short order, create joblessness

Mind boggling how ideologically blind some people can be. Do you not see what is going on around you? A collapsing economy and skyrocketing unemployment all thanks to right wing politics.

It is right wing tax cutting, cutting public health care, preparation for pandemics etc which is now taking a heavy toll on the American economy.

and increase taxes on those that produce to the extent that the economy would be pushed way past the brink of failure.

Ramblings with no root in reality or based on any understanding of economics. The US economy was doing just fine with 90% marginal tax rate. In much of Europe we have managed fine with much higher tax rate than the US.

I live in a part of the world where the kinds of policies you are so scared of has dominated politics for almost 100 years now. We have gone from rather poor countries in absolute terms to some of the riches and most prosperous countries on the planet.

If any of your claims where true, we would have been bankrupt. In fact the times we have really suffered economic decline has been times of deregulation. Both Norway and Sweden e.g. began deregulation in the late 1980s leading to large economic crash.

Iceland deregulated laters and was knocked flat in 2008 as a result. Milton Friedman style politics has been a failure time and again. Even the Soviet Union is a cautionary tale against Milton Friedman ideas. They tried the magic of the market with shock therapy which caused the largest economic collapse in history. Ironically it wasn’t planned economics that made the Soviet Union collapse. It made it stagnate, but it was Milton Friedman style capitalism that caused its collapse.

Plenty of things is wrong about Putin’s Russia, but he got Russia back on its feet, and that was in large part by increasing state power again and end the Casino capitalism that was wrecking Russia in the Jeltsin years.

Tell me how those plans will work in any kind of positive way. I have not seen one single answer that makes any sense.

Most of those plans are just watered down version of stuff that the whole western world outside the US already does. So that you cannot figure out how it is going to work, I can only assume is because you are ignorant of everything going outside of the US border.

You know in Norway women got 6 weeks paid maternity leave back in 1905. Do you think Norway was rich back then?

Yet if somebody had suggested 6 weeks paid maternity leave for women in the US today, you can bet that screaming choir on the American political right would shout that America could no possibly afford such an extravagance.

The American right, simply has no concept of what things costs or how rich America as a nation is. They don’t understand that if you pay health care through taxes, that means you don’t have to pay for health insurance as well.

They are fine paying $200 for a service from a private insurance company but if they have to pay $100 extra in taxes for the same service, they scream that is too expensive. Like they don’t grasp basic economics like that.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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