The Science of Painting and the Art of Programming

We tend to treat programming as a science or engineering. But is that all that it is?

Programming is as Much for Humans as for Computers

You write code for others to read. Making readable code is more of an art, than a science.

I recall at least two occasions where large chunks of code made by some very brilliant and “productive” developers were simply dumped.

The Science and History of Painting

In modern art there are no specific rules to follow
The Night Watch by Dutch master Rembrandt, painted in 1642, had requirements which had to be followed. The watch would not have accepted a painting that did not look like the people who had commissioned it. Image: Wikipedia.
A drawing by Charles Darwin. Scientists of the 1800s had to be able to draw accurately as photography did not exist. Image:

Painters and Car Analogies

A battery does not correspond to a reservoir of water but to a pump. It pumps the same water around and around in an endless flow from positive to negative terminal. Image: STEMpedia

The Modern Art of Programming

Reflections on Design and Communication

The Microsoft Windows vision of a Smart Phone. It is a miniature of a desktop operating system, rather than an OS reimagined for handheld use and small screens. Good design looks easy when done right. But we need reminders of those who tried and failed in the past to appreciate the difficulty of creating good designs.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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