The Toxicity of the Vocal Left

How the “twitter left” undermines their own struggle.

The Useful Idiots

Each side serve as useful idiots to the other. The loud uncompromising male hating leftists serve as proof to right-wingers that there is no place for white males on the left. Or rather there is a place, but only if you are as narrow minded as them or completely shut up, parrot their ideas and don’t have opinions of your own.

Why I Care About Reaching Right-Wingers

Ever since my fellow countryman right wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik murdered 77 Norwegians because they where too open minded towards muslims immigrants, I have wanted to make a difference. I read his manifesto. I am about the same age as him. I recognize a lot of his life experiences. I can to some degree understand how people slide into darkness. He may have been mildly racist at some point, but by being completely rejected and marginalized he eventually slid further and further into extremist territory.

Ideological Carpet Bombing Will Never Yield Victory

The toxic left employ about as sophisticated tactic to meet their goals as America throwing napalm all over Vietnam hoping that would get rid of all the communists. No matter how many communists they killed it seemed like they always produced more of them. It reminds me of a story from Afghanistan about a family of six brothers. One joined the Taliban with a rusty AK-47. He got killed. To avenge his dead brother, he next brother picked up his rusty AK-47 and joined the Taliban. He died too. This I believe continued until the father picked up the rifle and got killed. In the end only the mother was left.

Make Friends Not Enemies

I have struggled hard to convince many alt-right people that we are not all like that. The toxic left poison the well for the rest of us on the left. There are reasonable people on the right one could have won over. But they have come to believe that being a leftist means you need to hate yourself. That independent thinking is not tolerated. What we need is a more vocal moderate left which makes it clear that we tolerate a wider variety of opinions and differences.

What Makes Me a Leftist?

It might be useful to clarify what I mean by leftist. I am basically somewhere on the socialist spectrum, but not the crazy kind. I don’t hate rich people. I am not against people starting companies or owning companies. Twitter socialists are frequently of the uncompromising kind who view all aspect of capitalism evil. But I used to be close to a libertarian and if you completely abandoned all previous views, then your views never had much solid foundation.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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