True, and I hope I didn't give the impression that there was any new technology there. The story I am trying to tell is about strategic choices and innovation.

Innovation isn't inventing something new but using existing technology in innovative new ways. For Apple the innovation is really to take at mobile phone and tablet based approach on building system and taking it to the desktop.

It is not like an impossible idea. But I think most people has we saw in comments when this was annoced who refused to believe you got get desktop class performance out of such an approach.

It is also a radical and typical Apple approach in that radically reduces your ability to create a moduler system. It is just one step further in the Apple approach of creating highly integrated non-modular systems.

It harkens back to the days when Apple made the screen integrated with the computer. It meant they knew the aspect ratio and could thus draw perfect circles. Something they had been unable to do on the Apple II e.g.

Whether Apple plays nice or not with others I think is highly subjective. It depends on where you stand. I have never thought either Intel or Microsoft plays nice with others. And Google get to be nice to other companies while they take great liberties with your privacy and private data.

Apple deserves some praise I think for having such a strong stance on the privacy of users. I saw a massive difference there as an iOS and Android developer. You had much easier access to user data on Android. iOS was far more restrictive and put more tools in the hands of users to limit what you could do as a developer.

Doesn't mean I agree with everything Apple does. I think there needs to be alternatives to the iOS app store e.g.

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