Ungrateful Refugees

They come to the West and we give them everything. In return they become terrorists, rapists, and murderers. Why are they so ungrateful? We have done so much for them!

Should we stop listening to the “liberal elite” who know nothing about hardship, and instead listen to conservatives with their intimate knowledge of the struggles of the working class and poor?
Crime statistics about immigrants and refugees can easily be abused. Here blue bars represent non-immigrants in Norway. Dark blue are immigrants and pink is immigrants born in Norway. Unadjusted second generation immigrants look like they commit almost 3x as much crime as native Norwegians. However this does not take into account that there is a higher percentage of young people in this group, located in the bigger cities with more crime. When adjusted for gender, age, location etc on the far-right, the difference becomes smaller.
If life was only about picking the path of least resistance and lowest amount of stress, then why would we have children? We do we insist immigrants must be a convenience and benefit to us, but don’t apply the same logic to having children?
The literacy rate in Somalia is 37.8% Then is worth taking into account before judging the perceived interest in refugees to attend classes in their new host country. Being unaccustomed to a class room setting can make learning the language and customs of the host country difficult.
24 years ago I served in the Norwegian Royal guard after first spending time in the cavalry with armoured vehicles. I am proud of my service, but frankly I hated every single day. This is the guard waring parade uniforms. Unlike popular perception, I spent most of the time in green camouflage outfits.

So, Open Borders, Then?

Sugarcoating Immigration?

Integration is never easy, but many fight hard to get accepted as equals in their new home country. Somali-Norwegian author Shurika Hansen came to Norway as a refugee at 13. She saved for a long time to buy this expensive Telemark bunad, an important part of of Norwegian national identity.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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