Western countries did not do it as well as the Asian countries.

But when comparing the results you cannot simply look deaths per 100 000. If that was the case, I should be boasting like crazy coming from Norway with just 4.7 deaths per 100 000.

Yes we did a good job, but we got enormous help from being a low density country, with a culture where people keep a distance and live more alone.

The terrible outcomes in Italy cannot be blamed on their health authorties alone. It is a high density country. Old people don't live alone. They have a culture where there is a lot of touching.

And they where among the earliest countries hit in Europe with few others to gather experience from.

I think countries have to be rated according to their circumstances and in this regard the US has done very poorly compared to what they should have been able to do.

The US should have easily been beating Norwegian statistics but haven't. The US is a low density country like Norway, and US cities tend to be less dense. Public transportation is used far more frequently in the Norway than in the US e.g.

In Europe I would say Britain and Sweden have done quite bad relative to their potential. Sweden should have achieved similar mortality rate as Finland and Norway given their density.

The UK should not have been worse than Spain, Italy, France etc. It has more warning. It is a more distancing oriented culture etc.

Why these countries perform below expectation is clear: Poor political leadership or wrong strategy chosen.

In Sweden it is not really a political failure but a failure of how their health care expert system is setup. Anders Tegnell has had too much power and dissenting voices have not been heard.

Perhaps health organizations like this needs some kind of voting majority by multiple experts before making key decisions.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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