What if Black Lives Matter Got it Wrong?

Much has been said about institutionalized racism in the American police force, but maybe that isn’t even the key problem?

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An 8-year old special needs child arrested in Key West, Florida in 2018
  1. That the teacher called the cops and no other teacher or authority objected to this action also speaks volumes of systemic dysfunction.
  2. The police accepted the call as if it was something normal and picked police to answer the call. Why did the police think dispatching the police to deal with an 8-year think that was appropriate use of limited police resources.
  3. They didn’t send just one cop. They sent two cops, to deal with an 8-year old with such tiny puny arms that he couldn’t even fit into the hand cuffs.
  4. The two cops accepted the mission without asking questions.
  5. They presumed to handcuff the child without anyone asking questions, about such a choice.
  6. The cop had the audacity to scold the child for putting him in that situation. In what alternative moral universe did this cop live in?
  7. The child was taken to jail and booked without anybody protesting or raising eyebrows.
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Aurora Police were filmed detaining and handcuffing a black family with young children after they mistakenly thought their car was stolen

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