What is Modern Scandinavian Socialism in 2020?

Many look to Scandinavia for answers about socialism, so what exactly is the ideology and thinking of modern Scandinavian socialist parties today?

Modern apartment building in Tjuvholmen, Oslo Norway

Are Scandinavian countries socialist?

Is Social Democracy Related to Socialism?

Public Sector Employment

Government Ownership


Public Goods

Scandinavian Countries are Rated Among the Most Economically Free. Explain That!

Rule of Law

Government Size

Regulatory Efficiency

Will Socialists Ban All Private Property and Government Take Over All Business?

Does a Socialist Economy have Free Markets?

What is the Role of Planned Economics in a Socialist State?

Problem with Private Schools

Health Care

Will Everybody Earn the Same in Socialist Society?

Executive Summary

Why should you care about Scandinavian Socialist Parties?

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